In spring 2015 Nora Krahl and the composer Juan Felipe Waller have founded the duo for analog electronic music RABIATOR. RABIATORS world is limited and uncontrollable. With handmade devices the duo creates an environment with unpredictable features, where creative malfunctionary circuits unite with sounding objects from the other world.  SOUND

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Nora Krahl is performing pieces for solo cello and  electronics/ tape like  Michael Gordon, Kaija Saariaho, Steve  Reich or Martin Schüttler. With composers as Roman Pfeifer she works on new concepts for this instrumentation.
Nora also creates music for theater plays, films and solo pieces. What she does here is less the classical way of writing notes than more experimenting with sounds and weird stories.



In 2011 Nora Krahl started to make her own electronic sounds. She concentrates on music for visuals and on generating textures that she uses in her performances with machines and cello. An excerpt of the work CHROMATOPHORE generated in collaboration with the visual Artist Sena Basöz (Istanbul) was exhibited at PG Art Gallery Istanbul




Early this year she worked on the soundtrack for the Turkish documentary film Time Worm (Director: Sena Basöz). The film received the Progetto Natura Award at Gran Paradiso Festival. It also was screened at Documentarist – 7th Istanbul Documentary Film Festival and  Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival