Timeart Ensemble / Spaces

Şevket Akıncı (guitar)
Oğuz Büyükberber (reeds)
Korhan Erel (computer, controllers)
Sven Hahne (computer, video)
Tobias Klein (reeds)
Nora Krahl (cello)
Matthias Muche (trombone)

The Turkish German Ensemble lead by Matthias Muche and Sven Hahne met in Cologne in September 2014 and created a performance with Improvised music and Live reacting visuals. The premier took place on September 9th at Frischzelle Festival Cologne. In October the Ensemble visited Istanbul. The performance took place at Notre Dame Du Rosaire-Yeldeğirmeni Sanat Merkezi Istanbul.

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     Photo: © Zhenya Kovalyov

In collaboration with the visual artist Sena Başöz, who lives and works in Istanbul, Nora Krahl is working on the ongoing performance project „Chromatophore“, which was premiered in 2011 in Istanbul.
The artists explore the area between real and surreal views on their environment. They work on the amalgamation of visual and audio media, which both create abstract items as well as references to the outside world. Alongside her cello Nora Krahl uses electronic sounds.
Parts of the work have been exhibited as an installation at  PG Art Gallery Istanbul. The Duo performed at the international Festival for intermedia performance „Frischzelle“ in Cologne in September 2013 and will perform at Alpha Nova & Galerie Futura in Berlin in May 2014.

For a documentation of the performance Please see