Persona non Grata

In March/April Nora Krahl will stay in NYC for a month to work on her first Music Theater Persona non Grata.


Radio Play, Deutschlandradio Kultur

The radio play Affentheurlich Naupengeheurliche Geschichtklitterung by Reinhold Friedl recorded amongst others by p.o.p. psychology of perception was broadcasted on January 15th and can be streamed. 


Glenn Branca

My Cello Quartet The Octopus commissioned a piece by Glenn Branca with support of the Foundation Villa Musica (Germany). The premier will take place in march 2016.


Berlin Senate

I am excited to announce that I got awarded a City Tax research grant for a solo cello project by the Berlin Senate.


Radio France

Radio France did broadcast a full length documentation of the Octopus concert in Tours at the Festival Super Flux, March 2015 Listen!.