Improvisation is the freest and most concentrated form of music. It arises, captivates and immediately it is gone – but the memory of an astonishing musical journey remains.



The Octopus is a free improvisation Cello quartet. Elisabeth Fügemann, Nathan Bontrager, Hugues Vincent and Nora Krahl met the first time in March 2013 for a concert in Cologne. They Cellists are based in Paris, Cologne and Berlin, Each of them is coming from a fairly different Backround: early Music, Folk music, Classical Music, contemporay Music, Jazz, free Improvisation, electronic Music, Performance, Theater, Dance.




Since January 2015 Nora has been performing regularly with Zeitkratzer.

zeitkratzer is sound made visible, tangible, bodily – a truly unforgettable corporal experience of live music. The physicality of sound is celebrated through extended instrumental techniques, mutual understanding and amplification of traditional instruments. A midpoint between instrumental and electronic music turns out to be more bizarre and surprising than either of these. It will make you expect more from music than you did before!

zeitkratzer is a perverse subversion of musical genres. Keiji Haino meets Karlheinz Stockhausen meets Whitehouse meets Terre Thaemlitz meets Iannis Xenakis meets Lou Reed. The joy of the intensity of sound crosses all borders and brings these musics together into zeitkratzer’s plain of complex textures. A challenge to both composers and non-academic noise-makers thrown by the most talented performers, improvisers, sound artists and composers around.


P.O.P. Psychology of Perception

In September 2015 Nora and Eva Reiter joined the Duo (Reinhold Friedl and Hannes Strobl for a first performance at Klangspuren Festival Austria.