I intentionally craft contemporary solo cello programs around the belief that new music can be a thrilling and meaningful experience for the veteran and the uninitiated. I love contemporary music—and through my vivid and enthusiastic performances I will demonstrate why.

During my travels around the world to New York, Istanbul, Baghdad… I collect new cello pieces from exciting composers I come into contact with – composers who come from different styles, schools, countries, and traditions. A journey through very different kinds of contemporary music, my programs are like curated tasting menus, on which you will encounter noisy, minimal, hard-rock, sentimental, aleatoric, groovy, astonishing, exciting, humorous and yes, even beautiful pieces.
I also offer to tailor specific programs in a certain style or prepare a lecture performance to fit your individual need.

Video: Vincent Stefan, Light: Arno Waschk, Compositions: Michael Maierhof, Hikari Kiyama, Sidney Corbett, Jacob Cooper, Ted Hearne.


A new Program:

Hikari Kiyama: Death Metal with head bang
Sidney Corbett: unknowing
Adam Roberts: Anakthara
Martin Schüttler: Dein Penis


Nikolaus Brass: Songlines V
Scott Wollschleger: America
Jacob Cooper: Arches


Some of my favourite works for cello solo

Nikolaus Brass:
Songlines V for Violoncello Solo

Sidney Corbett:

Morton Feldman:
projection 1

Liza Lim:
inivisibility for Violoncello with two bows

Michael Maierhof:
Splitting 2

Adam Roberts:
Anakhtara (2012);

Kaija Saariaho:
Spins and Spells for Cello solo

Martin Schüttler:
Dein Penis (Version for Solo Cello and Feedback)

Salvatore Sciarrino
Ai limiti della notte

Tolga Tüzün:
Five Preludes for solo Cello

Scott Wollschleger:


Cello Solo with Electronics/PA

Hikari Kiyama:
Sonata for Cello solo;

Jacob Cooper:
Arches for Cello and Laptop

Michael Gordon:
Light is calling for amplified Cello and audio playback

Kaija Saariaho:
Petals for Cello and electronics

Ted Hearne:
Warning song

Michael Gordon:
Industry  For Cello and Distortion

Roman Pfeifer:
Chronographie: For Cello and Delay

Steve Reich:
Cello Counterpoint: For Cello and pre-recorded Tape

If you are interested in booking please contact: MAIL I am happy to send you further program suggestions and sound samples.